I don’t like morning people or mornings or people

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*has emotional breakdown choosing what to eat at a restaurant*

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  • plot twist: you wake up for school fully rested and ready to socialize
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Yes but to be better faster you need to examine closer. Me
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I stopped looking for the light. Decided to become it instead.

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Real talk


This time last year I was unemployed, broke, and suicidal.

Today, I just got the keys to my first house.

Give it time.

Fuck yes <3

I’ve gone from working for an alcoholic for, like, minimum wage to almost twice that in a job that I love. I’m a qualified lawyer and I own my own house. I’ve seen Guilds dissolve, fought enemies, worked for and with a plethora of people. Things can change rapidly if you persist externally and internally. 

That’s not to say life won’t still throw me punches, but man am I glad I learnt to take them young and it makes me happier to see things going well. I never knew I could be so happy so enduringly. 

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